Greetings Oceanside Charter Chapter!  Happy Holidays to all!  We are so delighted to see the continued growth of our chapter this year with a total of 59 members on the roster to date.  Please welcome our newest members: Katie Wade, Jennifer Lee, J’Andrea Harris and Deidre McVay-Schulmeister.

Our Ladies’ Night out events have proven to be very successful and great enjoyment to all.  A big thank you to this past quarter event hosts: Staci Sullivan’s Jewelry & Design Studio; Shari Tabat and Lana McCormick held at Beachside Wines; and Kristen Snyder and Char Good held at the Genesis Boutique. We are looking forward to the upcoming Ladies’ Night Out on November 29th with Christine Burnette of BVIP Entertainment and Donna Wagner of Edward Jones which will be held at Soulvines.  Please make sure to RSVP for this upcoming adventure!  If you are interested in hosting your own event be sure to reach out to Andrea McCarthy by email at to secure your spot.

Our Holiday Jingle & Mingle is coming up on Tuesday, December 6th.  Save the date! This evening will include a fundraising event to benefit the Chapter’s education fund, so be sure to bring your donated gift basket.  Gift baskets valued over $75.00 will be included in the Silent Auction and you will receive 10 free raffle tickets.  Baskets valued under $75 will be included in the Chance Auction and you will receive 5 free raffle tickets for your donation.  Remember spouses or significant others are welcome for this special holiday event.  We are also very excited that our very own Christine Burnette will provide our entertainment for the evening!

With Hurricane Ian throwing a kink in our September meeting plans, please be sure to register for the January 24 meeting as Mary Stephenson, 2021-2022 AWBA National Vice President has graciously cleared her calendar to visit and speak about “Generational Diversity in the Workplace.”  This will be a great meeting so make sure to look for the dinner invitation.

Remember to continue completing your Super Star forms each meeting you attend so that your credit for all that you do to support our Chapter is accrued.  If you would like a form emailed to you, please reach out to Patricia Worrow at

Look out for further announcements regarding some additional options for Meeting Sponsorships.  Your sponsorship goes a long way to helping our chapter achieve the goals needed for the continued success of our award-winning chapter.  In addition, your sponsorship provides the opportunity to your fellow chapter members to learn more about you and your business.  If networking is one of your goals as a member of this chapter, a meeting sponsorship is the perfect networking exposure tailored just for you.

As the holidays come and go, remember to cherish your loved ones.  Wishing everyone a great rest of the year and looking forward to all the success the New Year will bring to you and our Chapter!

~Tenille Perry