Greetings Oceanside Charter Chapter!  It is hard to believe that this is the last quarterly newsletter of my presidency. The past two years have been  incredible getting to know all of you and having the opportunity to lead our Chapter to many achievements. This was made possible by so many of you!  My heart is filled with gratitude to each and every one of the Board and Committee members as all of our combined talent and efforts have brought us to where we are today. 

Please join me in welcoming our newest members:  Sharon David, Diana Miskow, Mary Young, Lesley Brindley, Erica Rodrigues, Heidi Kuchenbacker, Ashley Caswell and Maria Waddell. We are so very humbled that you have chosen to be a part of our ABWA Oceanside community! I hope that you all benefit from your membership as much as I have.  I foresee continued growth and success over the upcoming years.

As time inevitably moves us along, changes are upon us. While we have moved our meeting venue from the Eau Gallie Yacht Club to Hotel Melby, that does not change the absolutely wonderful dynamics of our meetings and great speakers we have on the calendar.  At our May 23 meeting, Keith Winsten will address business development in Brevard, particularly the proposed world-class aquarium and conservation center at Port Canaveral and its economic impact to our community.  In June, we welcome ‘Bug Bite Thing’ Founder, Kelley Higney to hear her story on pitching her product at farmers' markets to pitching the Sharks!   July’s featured speaker, Mary Owens will present the topic: "Build Your Business by Building Relationships." Please remember to register no later than noon on the Thursday prior to our meeting dates to secure your spot!

Thank you to our April meeting sponsors: Kim Torres of Torres Mediation, and The Matthew Erik Academy.  We look forward to hearing from meeting sponsors, Christine Burnette of BVIP Entertainment, LLC, and Shari Tabat, Owner of Space Coast Home Watch & Concierge Services at our May meeting. 

Thank you to our monthly Ladies’ Night Out hosts:  Staci Sullivan and Sierra Majors (April); Tammy Gibbs and Jen Lee (March); and Cindy Grossman and Kristen Heath of Skinergy (February).  These evenings have been fun and well attended!

While I soon step back from my presidency, I look forward to supporting your new Board, Committees and Chapter members. While it is a little sad for me to say goodbye as your President, I am ecstatic to still be engaged to support you all in your growth and ABWA journeys. Members, this is your opportunity to be heard!  We encourage you to tell us your ABWA success stories. Please send your stories to Patricia Worrow at for posting in our social media outlets and inclusion in our next newsletter and Best Practices binder.

Lastly, I would like to wrap up by again, giving my utmost appreciation for the Oceanside Charter Chapter Board, Committee Chairs and our members.  Without you, we would not be an award-winning Chapter.  A ‘thank you’ will never be enough to truly convey my appreciation to you all. Good luck and best wishes to the new upcoming Board! I am confident that you will receive the same support and achieve the same level of success from our members that I have enjoyed over the past two years.

~Tenille Perry