2020 Chapter Woman of the Year

Congratulations to Tenille Perry, Oceanside Charter Chapter 2020 Woman of the Year!

Born in Dallas, Texas, Tenille Perry moved to Brevard County, Florida in 1990.  She graduated from Palm Bay High school in 1995, and then started focusing on a career in the insurance industry in the year 2000.  Since high school, Tenille has always wanted to do something to help people, but she was at a loss as to what to do until she started in the mail room of an underwriting insurance company.  She soon took to the insurance world like a duck to water.  Within six months of getting into the industry, Tenille was running a division of the auto department then transferred to the state insurance side. 

After two years in the underwriting field, Tenille desired to have more opportunity to use the knowledge she acquired to educate the public, so she migrated into the agency side of the business.

In the agency field, Tenille has worked for State Farm and Allstate for many years, focusing on all aspects of the insurance industry with primary focus on customer relations to show her clients how to fully protect Their hard, earned assets.  Now, as an Account Manager with an independent agency, Levay Mack Insurance Group, Tenille has been able to share her knowledge and broaden the company availability to her clients with more than 100 companies to offer. 

Tenille joined ABWA as a continued avenue to learn a great deal from the brilliant women in the organization, and to further her knowledge in many different areas. Tenille has been a member of the chapter since January 2019.  She currently serves as Treasurer.





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