November 2018 President's Message

     Congratulations!  It is a time to celebrate!  At the National Women’s Leadership Conference, the Oceanside Charter Chapter was not only recognized for achieving Best Practices Level II in League Management, but also received recognition for an outstanding submission!  Thank you to Sheryl Glore, Best Practices Chair, and everyone in the chapter for their hard work and dedication in making the Oceanside Charter Chapter a place where professional women from all walks of life can come together for networking and professional development. 

     One of the great tools that ABWA National provides to chapters as a part of Best Practices criteria, is a gap analysis.  This is a business tool used not only in ABWA, but also in many successful businesses.  It provides a list of criteria that allows the Executive Board and the members who attend the board retreat, an opportunity to evaluate where we are on each of those items and then identify our goals for the next year.  Many of the items on the gap analysis are also great to adapt to your business, and I recommend that you download it from Community Connections and see if it would be appropriate for your business. If you need help doing this, please let me know and I will assist you with locating and downloading it. 

     So, why is the gap analysis important?  At the National Conference, we had the opportunity to hear from Dan Thurmon, National speaker and author.  Also an entertainer, as Dan was juggling and demonstrating to our National President how to juggle, he shared that the key to juggling is looking up, not down.  He further explained that not only is this important in juggling, it is important in our lives and our professional endeavors.  Criteria similar to those presented in the gap analysis help us to identify what is important to us, and where we should focus. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by day to day activities, that if we never look up, we may find that we have not moved forward and perhaps have even moved backward. 

     I encourage each of you to select an area that you want to move forward on.  At the National Conference, during the 21st Century Leadership course this year, they provided us with a great gap analysis for leadership, as an example.  There are also many great resources available on the internet.  Once you identify what direction you want to go, similar to setting out on a trip and entering a destination into your GPS, keep looking up to help move toward your destination.  Life will throw detours in your path and sometimes that detour takes us to an even better destination, but keep on looking up and you will go great places!

~ Cindy Schmitt


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